Yolo County Children’s Alliance distributes toys and supplies to families in West Sacramento – Daily Democrat

The Yolo County Children’s Alliance hosted its annual vacation toy distribution for families in western Sacramento, providing children and families with new toys, community resources and supplies through a drive-thru experience. featuring superheroes, princesses and other characters.

The Saturday event took place at the YCCA Family Resource Center in West Sacramento and helped hundreds of families.

Quirina Orozco, Pro Tempore Mayor of West Sacramento, said the event was important to ensure that children in the community have the warmth and feeling of being connected to a greater part of the city.

“We have over 400 families in the car, all with small children whose eyes light up with wonder and joy that we basically bring them on vacation,” said Orozco. “COVID has made us so disconnected and so sequestered from each other, so I am truly grateful to the Yolo County Children’s Alliance and so many partners who come together to brighten up the holidays for local children. “

Jeneba Lahai, executive director of the Yolo County Children’s Alliance, said it was amazing to be able to host these events even during the pandemic.

“When the pandemic happened, most organizations had to pivot,” Lahai noted.

She said the alliance believed they could turn the distribution of holiday toys and other events into a drive-thru experience similar to what they did for the flu shots while driving.

“This is our last event of the year and we wanted to do something where we can celebrate the community, lift people’s spirits and give the kids wonderful toys for the holidays,” Lahai said.

She added that most of the families the alliance works with have been hit hard by the economic impacts caused by the pandemic which has resulted in a lack of income.

“We wanted to do something really positive and enjoyable to end the year on a high note,” she said.

Lahai also congratulated United Way California Capital Region attending the event and distributed $ 100 in cash to each family attending the event.

Dawnté Early, CEO of United Way California Capital Region, said this was their first time doing this in West Sacramento.

“We had an anonymous donor who walked out of our holiday giving campaign,” explained Early. “Our anonymous donor actually reached out to United Way this week and said, ‘Can you please donate money to those in need before Christmas? “”

The cash distribution was not announced in advance, so each envelope given to participating families was a total surprise to them.

“We’re saying to everyone, ‘here’s a card, please open it and don’t throw it away,'” she said.

Jami Crystal Trujillo, who attended the car-free event, said she felt grateful for the volunteers who came to help, noting that they could do something else on their days off but instead spend their time. time to help the community.

“I’m very grateful that they hear us and that they don’t just put us aside,” Trujillo said. “They come to talk to us and help the children. “

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