Woman from Chorley hosts Mental Health Companions Walks for those in need of a chat


Siobhan pictured right with her friend Fiona Fahlin.

The walks, which she wishes to make united and accessible to all, will take place on the first Saturday of each month from 1 p.m.

Explaining how she became a walk facilitator for Mental Health Matters, Siobhan, who was previously a language teacher before quitting due to stress, courageously spoke about her own battle for mental health.

“I love to teach, but there was too much pressure. Being with the teenagers was the smallest part of the job because not enough hours of the day were spent in the classroom.

Siobhan on one of his walks wearing his Mental Health Mates yellow cord.

“I suffered from my own mental health and started to feel really bad. I realized that drinking wasn’t helping my cause, so I gave it up a year and two months ago.

“The change in my mindset since then has been incredible.”

Other coping mechanisms that helped her was reading Glorious Rock Bottom by journalist and mental health activist Bryony Gordon. The book sheds light on the deep connection between addiction and mental health issues.

“I also read his other book No Such Thing As Normal a few months ago on coping strategies for mental health, which I loaned to a lot of people.”

Explaining social media doesn’t help people’s mental health but rather hinders it, she continued, “You have to have an off switch. Walking has so many benefits. It essentially connects to nature. We are made to move.

Siobhan also credits yoga for keeping her in a good place and runs a free yoga book club and teaches Pause – a deeply relaxing class combining two different and very meditative styles of yoga on Friday mornings starting at 11am.


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