Wives of FDK soldiers form a national association

Speaking at the event, MWAK President Ms. Tabitha Kibochi urged mothers to go to the appropriate clinics once they have made the decision to get pregnant or as soon as they find out. they are pregnant.

A considerable number of disabilities in children are preventable if mothers take the recommended precautionary measures.

As MWAK, we are very happy to be here today to present this campaign to the women of Langata Garrison as part of our health advocacy. Following discussions with our doctors, we are aware that most health problems for mother and child are preventable. I urge you to make the most of this rare opportunity to learn and get tested for your physical well-being.Ms. Kibochi said.

Various specialists have educated women on nutrition and the importance of exercise to keep women in good physical and medical shape before and after childbirth.

Under the slogan “Afya bora ustawi wetu”, MWAK intends to reach out to all military units across the country to educate women on what they can do differently to improve their health and that of their children.

Brigadier Jaldessa, the garrison commander urged members present to continue to observe the health protocols provided by the Ministry of Health saying that Covid-19 is still a threat.

He asked the participants to get vaccinated as the service is readily available in all military units.

MWAK was inaugurated earlier this year to provide a platform for exchanging ideas, interacting and providing member benefits, as a support system for families of the deceased, people with disabilities, retirees and serving staff. Kenya Defense Forces (KDF).

The Chief of the Defense Forces (CDF), General Robert Kibochi recognized the vital role played by the wives of soldiers in dealing with what cannot be regimented within the direct military chain of command.

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