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Tickets are available for an Aug. 20 celebration honoring Will County Board Member Denise Winfrey becoming President of the National Association of Counties (NACo).

Will County Board Member Herbert Brooks, Jr. administered Winfrey’s oath of office, according to NACo. The celebration will begin at 6 p.m. at the Jacob Henry Mansion in Joliet. Tickets are $100.

Winfrey said the president is initially elected as second vice president and then rises to office over a four-year term.

“So I made a four-year commitment when I agreed to run for second vice president,” Winfrey said.

Founded in 1935, the National Association of Counties (NACo) unites counties across the United States to advocate for federal policy development, “optimizing county and ratepayer resources and cost savings” as well as “promote exemplary county policies and practices” while enriching “public understanding”. of the country’s government, the NACo website said.

So even though local residents haven’t heard of NACo, Winfrey said Will County’s involvement at this level is good for Will County, especially since NACo is nonpartisan and non” on a particular side of the aisle”.

“We’re on the side of what works for counties and what they say they want the government to do for them,” Winfrey said.

For example, NACo helped write the final treasure rules for the US Bailout Act “to help counties get back on track to help revive the economy.”

Winfrey said federal funds typically go to individual states, and individual counties often don’t see the money or the states “pay out” to them.

But in ARPA’s case, the counties get the money directly so they can “spend the money in a way that’s best for residents,” Winfrey said.

Will County received $134 million. Projects must be planned by December 31, 2024 and money must be spent by December 31, 2026, according to NACo.

The Herald-News reported on March 2 that Will County will spend approximately $50 million of its allocation on local infrastructure improvements, $30 million on health care, $25 million on economic development efforts, $10 million for county government revenue replacement and $18. million on other unmet needs.

“Our goal in Will County is, as much as possible, to invest in the kinds of things that will give us longer-term impact for people,” Winfrey said.

Some projects currently being discussed are upgrading sanitation and ensuring broadband access for all, she said,

“Elected officials do a lot more than people think,” Winfrey said.

Will County is also hosting the NACo’s 2022 Fall Board Meeting and Greater Urban County Symposium November 30-December 3, which will include Will County’s presentation to see “what we are doing and what we have to offer,” Winfrey said.

Some of Will County’s offerings that other counties “may want to copy” include Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Veterans Court and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Amy, Matthew & Jay Vana recently opened at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, Winfrey said.

Winfrey also referenced when the Warren Sharpe Community Center on the South Side of Joliet was invited to Washington, DC, for a tour of first lady Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden.

Winfrey has served on the NACo Urban County Grand Caucus; Healthy Counties Advisory Council; Community, Economic and Workforce Development Policy Steering Committee; International Economic Development Working Group; Resilient Counties Advisory Council; and the Standing Committee of Members, NACo said.

She is a member of the Women of NACo and the National Organization of Black County Public Servants and a graduate of NACo’s High Performance Leadership Academy, NACo said.

“So here I am now,” Winfrey said. “Now I have to do the work that goes with it.”

To purchase tickets for Illinois Celebrates Denise Winfrey, NACo President, visit denisewinfreyleads.org/events.

For more information about NACo, visit naco.org.

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