Weekly Organization Spotlight: WSRU-FM – The Rocket

WSRU-FM is a student-run radio station based in the Strain Safety Building. Since the 1960s they have been releasing music for the Slippery Rock community.

The organization of DJ events that take place on campus. But recently, the station has begun to branch out, incorporating news coverage from The Rocket and a podcasting/production department.

Jeremiah Brown, a digital media production specialist, is the current managing director.

“In the fall, we’re going to add a little more structure once we have more people trained on the board,” Brown said. “We are going to develop more structured shows. People can make podcasts and start streaming with them.

Brown joined WSRU-FM in the fall of 2020. Nicholas Artman, who is the station’s new faculty advisor, encouraged Brown and a few other students to get involved. Brown spoke about developing leadership and time management skills through WSRU-FM.

WSRU-FM students plan the programming, manage the audio equipment, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

WSRU-FM recently had SRU’s DJ’s 133rd birthday party and the Student Employee Appreciation Week event. Every spring and fall they also play music at the engagement fair.

“It’s a club and organization fair,” Brown said. “We are a club. So what else can we do? We’re going to play some music. We’re going to make the whole place fun.

The music they play comes from song packages and they buy the rights to play certain song collections on air. Being an FCC regulated station, some songs cannot be played and some words cannot be spoken during a broadcast.

WSRU-FM plans to introduce other types of content besides music, such as sports coverage and podcasts, as well as newscasts from The Rocket.

Brown will graduate in the fall, but he wants to “see the seeds [of the new programming] grow up” before he left.

Those interested in contacting WSRU-FM can visit their website, wsrufm.com, check out their CORE page, or email Jeremiah Brown at [email protected]. If you prefer to listen, head over to wsrufm.com or their new mobile app, WSRU-FM 88.1.

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