United States of America reshuffles geopolitical platform – World Peace Organization

August 2021, as Americans officially leave Afghanistan in utter chaos, the geopolitical maps of the world are reshuffled again. The leader of the Western world and his allies are challenged and the legitimacy of his foreign intervention is questioned. US officials have recognized the failure of its 20 years of military intervention in Afghanistan. However, they didn’t sit still for too long.

A month after their withdrawal, the imperialist strategy of the United States is back, accentuated by withdrawing in Paris its lucrative naval armament contract. To reaffirm its strong military might, the United States had to show its presence elsewhere to its competitors. They seek to show that they might have failed in Kabul but would not give up facing the new battlefield, as in the days of the Cold War. “The war is not over,” said Senator Mitt Romney, a former Republican presidential candidate. “We are more in danger than before. In addition, we will have to invest more to guarantee our security ”Cable News Network, August 29, 2021.

After passing through the chaos of the Middle East, the United States turned its gaze to the Pacific and directed its navy against China. The mini diplomatic crisis between France and the United States, resolved in a few phone calls, illustrated Europe’s position as part of the Washington-led Alliance with the United Kingdom and Australia.

“THE’“Incident” is closed: the high representative of the Union for foreign policy, Josep Borrell, on Friday, October 15 in Washington, showed his desire to turn the page of the Franco-American crisis on the Aukus file, which had cooled relations between the States United and Brussels, welcoming enhanced transatlantic cooperation ”, declared Olivier Adey to October 16, 2021.

While its presidents argue, France’s military might wanes as they join the integrated command of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) led by Washington. In doing so, France cedes an increasing part of its diplomatic sovereignty to a European Union at the boot of the United States until the emergence of a more concrete European military alliance. The European Union is at the mercy of the world’s two most robust economies and military powers – China and the United States – until it maintains its sanctions package against Russia which prohibits any agreement “from the Atlantic to the Urals”.

To disappear from the earth’s geopolitical space, France must urgently show Washington and the countries that are part of the Pacific region that it will not be resigned to the war in the Pacific that the United States and China are preparing. . (Martine Bulard, “The Atlantic Alliance beats the campaign in Asia”, The diplomatic world, June 2021.).

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