United Launch Alliance honors three vendors with Small Business Excellence Award

United Launch Alliance honors three vendors with Small Business Excellence Award

Press release from: United Launch Alliance
Posted: Friday May 20th 2022

United Launch Alliance (ULA) recently awarded three vendors a 2021 Small Business Excellence Award for their support of ULA’s product lines, including the Vulcan Centaur program. Built on over 100 years of heritage, ULA’s rockets specialize in complex and precise orbital insertion while meeting customer mission critical needs with 100% mission success.

“Small business contributions are integral to our success,” said Tory Bruno, President and CEO of ULA. “We are proud to recognize these suppliers who have gone above and beyond to support our mission. »

Norman Filter Company (NFC) is a Bridgeview, Illinois based manufacturer that provides a variety of state of the art welded filter elements. NFC played a critical role in the success of launch operations by rearranging production schedules on short notice to replace several critical ground system equipment filters at ULA launch sites on both coasts. Additionally, NFC has worked tirelessly on the design, qualification and production of flight hardware filters for Vulcan while remaining flexible and positive through the many changes and demands in all development programs.

Bellows Manufacturing and Research (BMR), a manufacturer located in San Fernando, California, specializes in the design and manufacture of unique metal bellows assemblies and metal joining solutions. Their invaluable ability to build flight hardware alongside Vulcan qualification test activities was critical to meeting Vulcan manufacturing assembly deadlines. BMR also demonstrated exceptional customer service with open and active communication, including single points of contact within engineering and production management as well as consistent support from management.

HiRel Connectors is a Claremont, CA-based manufacturer that excels in the engineering and manufacturing of highly reliable electrical connection systems. HiRel Connectors prioritized ULA development activities by accelerating connectors for test adapters and enabling timely completion of multiple qualification tests across all programs. They also provided exceptional customer service by providing ULA with a tour of the HiRel Connectors facility where teams were able to collaborate and align schedule needs.

ULA works with more than 2,000 vendor partners from nearly all 50 states, with a vendor spend of $5.9 billion over five years and a total national economic impact of more than $11 billion over five years.

Building on a legacy of 100% success launching over 145 missions to explore, protect and improve our world, ULA is the nation’s most experienced and trusted launch service provider with reliability, confidence in timing and optimization of peak missions. The technologies we launch protect our country and our troops on the battlefield, enable search and rescue, help meteorologists track severe weather, provide advanced business services and expand our understanding of the Earth. We offer value unmatched by any launch services company in the industry, a relentless drive to improve, and a commitment to the extraordinary.

For more information about ULA, visit the ULA website at www.ulalaunch.com, or call the ULA Launch hotline at 1-877-ULA-4321 (852-4321). Join the conversation on www.facebook.com/ulalaunch, twitter.com/ulalaunch and instagram.com/ulalaunch.



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