Tyler1 has announced that it has left the T1 esports organization

Earlier today, Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp announced that he had left his current esports organization, T1, also known as SK Telecom T1.

The announcement was first made via a social media post on Twitter via the official T1 account, which acknowledged Tyler’s contribution to the organization as a partnered streamer and content creator.

We would like to thank @loltyler1 to be part of the T1 family. We are grateful for the time you spent here and all the memories created. We will continue to monitor your growth and we know you will continue to shine! #Builtdifferent https://t.co/dJ5oOROFrP

Why did Tyler1 leave T1?

Tyler addressed his chat at the start of his livestream when he was twenty-two minutes into his stream, playing League of Legends. As he loaded into the first game of his stream, playing as Support Karma, he informed and addressed his Twitch chat and audience that he had parted ways with his current organization.

“Yeah, so we’re officially out of T1, sad day, guys. Sad day.”

The VOD of the clip below starts at 00:21:51

He went on to say that there was no particular reason and it was a mutual decision by both parties to go their separate ways:

“There is no real reason. It’s reciprocal. There is no specific reason.

A viewer in his chat told him to try the corporate speech, at which he laughed and said:

“I am not a brand. It wasn’t because of a brand risk. In fact, it is not. I don’t take the brand risk.

He concluded his speech and played his first game of the day.

Tyler’s professional relationship with T1 began as a gag short for T1 in 2019. He was eventually signed to the organization in October 2020. Tyler has been featured in numerous YouTube and social media posts for l ‘organization.

Audiences react to Tyler1’s split from T1

Fans on Reddit were both surprised and unsurprised to see Tyler part ways with T1. Some said he hated selling and doing sponsored streams, while others mentioned it was the end of an era. Others have joked that they still think T1 means Tyler1 instead of SKT T1.

For those unfamiliar, Tyler is a 26-year-old American Twitch streamer who primarily plays League of Legends and occasionally does IRL streams with various content alongside his girlfriend, Macaiyla.

It focuses on seasonal challenges for LoL and averages 30,000 viewers. He has 2.73 million subscribers on YouTube, 4.6 million subscribers on Twitch and 719,000 followers on Instagram, posting his workouts in the latter.

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