Two former employees sue club for MLB COVID tenure

The Washington Nationals are said to be sued by two former employees who allege they were fired due to MLB’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate, according to TMZ.

The report claims that former Nationals employees Lawrence Pardo and Brad Holman, both of whom were coaches for the organization, filed a lawsuit against the organization on Monday. The lawsuit alleges that MLB’s COVID-19 vaccine tenure resulted in their wrongful dismissals.

Pardo and Holman both claim to have requested an exemption from the league’s vaccination mandate, which required all members of MLB organizations to have received at least one vaccine by September 1, 2021. The couple claim they did not want to get vaccinated for religious reasons and claimed that the vaccines “were developed from or tested on aborted fetal cells.”

TMZ reports that Pardo and Holman identified themselves as opponents of abortion, which they used to support their demand for a vaccine exemption, claiming that taking the vaccine would violate their “sincere religious beliefs.” The team rejected their exemption request and subsequently fired them from their respective positions.

Holman and Pardo’s lawsuit seeks damages from the organization, claiming they have been discriminated against because of their religious beliefs. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Washington DC against the Washington Nationals Baseball Club LLC on Monday.

This is not the only incident to arise within the organization regarding the league’s vaccination mandate. Earlier in the year, the club’s vice president Bob Boone, who is also the father of New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone, resigned his position with the organization due to his tenure.

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