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Thurston Narcotics Task Force disrupts drug organization

A multi-agency narcotics investigation has led to the arrest of two Thurston County men charged with drug trafficking crimes.

Law enforcement separately arrested a 24-year-old Lacey man and a 31-year-old Tumwater man. The two were held in the Thurston County Jail Thursday, according to the jail newspaper.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrests on Friday. They were the result of “Operation Crazy Ivan”, which targeted a local drug trafficking organization, the statement said.

“This joint investigation has disrupted and dismantled a major source of drug distribution in the Thurston County area,” said the press release from the sheriff’s office.

Tim Rudloff, the commander of the Thurston County Narcotics Task Force who led the operation, described the Lacey man as the backbone of the organization. With him in custody, Rudloff said “Operation Crazy Ivan” was over and the task force will turn their attention to anyone who tries to replace him.

In addition to the task force, Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were involved in the operation, the statement said.

The sheriff’s office alleges that the drug trafficking organization actively distributed large quantities of Mexican heroin, cocaine and fentanyl pills.

As part of the operation, the statement said law enforcement executed a search warrant that found about a pound of fentanyl pills, over a pound of heroin, and a pound and a half of cocaine. , several guns and $ 54,000 in cash.

Overall, the operation resulted in law enforcement seizing more than five pounds of heroin, one and a half pounds of fentanyl, 1-1 / 2 pounds of cocaine, two assault rifles, a rifle. hunting, five handguns and over $ 100,000 in cash.

Two probable cause documents include statements describing the alleged crimes from the perspective of the Working Group on Narcotic Drugs.

The first statement accuses the Lacey man of several crimes, including two counts of illegally delivering a controlled substance, heroin, and five counts of unlawful first degree possession of a firearm.

The man cannot own a firearm due to a previous second-degree theft conviction in Thurston County, the statement said.

Additionally, the man Lacey is charged with three counts of illegally delivering a controlled substance while armed with a firearm. The three charges relate to oxycodone, heroin and cocaine.

The investigation into the man began after others arrested identified him as a high-level drug trafficker, the statement said.

The task force observed the man selling more than 80 grams of heroin to an informant the week of August 15-21 and again between August 20 and September 2, the statement said.

On Wednesday, the statement said investigators inspected the man’s home and car in the 5700 block of Pattison Lake Drive Southeast in Lacey.

Task force detectives then contacted and arrested the “uneventful” man in block 8000 of the Ninth Way Southeast.

In his car, investigators reportedly found a handgun and $ 104. However, the statement indicates that the house had a plethora of drugs and guns.

At home, investigators reportedly discovered 413.7 grams of blue pills marked “M30” suspected of containing fentanyl, 248.2 grams of black tar heroin, 547.2 grams of cocaine, $ 45,366 in a sports bag and $ 5,375 throughout the residence.

Additionally, investigators seized an AR-15 rifle with a loaded magazine and three loaded handguns.

As for the man from Tumwater, a probable cause statement accuses him of illegally delivering a controlled substance, heroin.

In February 2020, a confidential source identified the man as a known drug dealer. At the time, the man lived in the 1500 block of Decatur Street in Olympia, the statement said.

On February 25, 2020, the task force observed that their source was exchanging $ 300 for 4.1 grams of the man’s heroin in a Grocery Outlet parking lot, the statement said.

Rudloff told The Olympian that his task force delayed the arrest of the Tumwater man until Thursday because they wanted to deepen their investigation into the whole organization. This approach ultimately led them to the Lacey man they had yet to identify in early 2020, he said.

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