The Richmond Performing Arts Alliance returns with a new series

RICHMOND, Virginia – The Richmond Performing Arts Alliance is back with its Legends on Grace series. For this season, local legends will offer a conversation about music and art from the sofa.

“The mission of Legends on Grace was to bring in local artists who are in the area and give them the opportunity to perform for our community,” said Jacqueline O’Connor of the Richmond Performing Arts Alliance. “So we take our wonderful talented guests and sit them on a beautiful sofa and they have a host with them who will interview them and ask them questions about their journey in music and art.”

During the 90-minute conversation, artists will sing or play an instrument related to their craft.

“We start on October 23 with Robin and Linda Williams, who are country artists, and the host is Tim Timberlake. Then on December 4th we have James Plunky Branch, who a lot of people know, a wonderful saxophonist and songwriter. and which will be hosted by BJ Brown, Executive Director of the Richmond Jazz Society, ”said O’Connor.

The series continues in February 2022 with musician Robbie Schaefer and host Daniel Clarke, followed by blues artist Andrew Alli and Josh Small with host Stephen Lecky in April. The series will end in June with award-winning actress and singer Desiree Roots.

All shows take place at 8 p.m. at Rhythm Hall at the Dominion Energy Center. Due to the intimate setting, security measures will be taken.

To purchase tickets and get information on safety precautions, visit their website.

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