ITOGON, Benguet: One of the candidates for the post of deputy of the province criticized the alleged efforts orchestrated by certain circles to find a unified candidate, who will be opposed to the legislative guard of Benguet and the fight against crime and terrorism by through community participation and the supporting party. Rep. of list Eric Yap in the elections of May 2022. Mayor Victorio Palangdan said he had been invited by the purported organizers of an alliance in Benguet to attend the planned selection of the unified candidate proposed for the single post of Congress, who was held in the capital, La Trinidad, on Saturday 2 October. However, Palangdan revealed that he simply introduced himself to the assembled sector representatives from different parts of the province, but did not allow himself to be submitted to the process as he knew from the start that the said process was orchestrated and designed to respond to the interest of those behind the “alliance”. Palangdan pointed out that the 38 sector representatives who were brought together for said selection process do not represent the true sentiment of the people of Benguet, and that they were simply summoned to ensure that the will of those behind the so-called alliance will be realized as reflected on the result of the activity. According to him, he will not respect the result of the supposed convention, and he will continue his aspiration to run for the only post in the Congress of the province while he is ready for the expected upheaval between him and Yap. Palangdan is a retired prosecutor, a former board member of the Benguet Electric Cooperative and a three-term mayor of the mineral-rich town. He said he would still pursue his plan to run as a representative under his independent Benguet party.

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