The Good Neighbor Alliance seeks to expand its programs

SIERRA VISTA, Arizona – A homeless shelter in Sierra Vista is preparing to make big improvements to help its homeless population.

“The Good Neighbor Alliance is the only homeless shelter in Sierra Vista,” said Dr. Lilla DeLuca, the shelter’s grants and media manager.

She says there are around 80 to 90 homeless people in the city.

“We can only serve 23 people, 22-23 people, out of the 80 people there,” DeLuca said.

She says the shelter has been a staple in the Sierra Vista community for over 20 years. It was a grassroots organization that lived solely on donations from community members. However, once COVID hit, funding was low and DeLuca had to apply for federal funding.

“And now we’ve become a little more aggressive in the grants. And we have new projects that we want to tell the community about. This is why we organize our open doors. We want the community to see where their money is going, ”DeLuca said.

She says they are looking to build a playground, a garden, foster day programs and they are looking to set up a kennel so that the homeless can come and stay at the shelter with their pets.

“And anyone who wants to donate money to a specific project can say exactly where they want the money to go. If this is your heart for the kennel, you can donate directly to that. If this is your heart for job searching, you can donate directly to that. We’re going to put that money aside and restart it, ”DeLuca said.

DeLuca says that with the funding and in-store plans, the Good Neighbor Alliance is a place that can provide shelter and a place to learn certain skills.

“We fear, with the lifting of the moratoria, that more families will become more vulnerable. So there has to be a soft and safe place to land, ”DeLuca said,

The refuge will have its doors open on Saturday 23 October from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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