The best alliance cards in MTG

Alliance is one of the latest keywords introduced in Magic: The Gathering’s new Streets Of New Capenna set. The mechanic is part of the Cabaretti faction in the colors white, green and red.

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Similar to landing but for creatures, alliance is an ability that triggers whenever a creature enters the battlefield. This includes tokens, allowing decks to trigger multiple alliance instances in a turn. Since white, green, and red are all colors that have access to a plethora of token generation as well as cheap creatures, it’s even easier to make sure you’re getting the most out of your alliance cards.

Witty Roastmaster

Witty Roastmaster can get out of control pretty quickly when it comes to burns. When the alliance triggers, this card will deal one damage to each opponent. While it seems minimal at first, it’s not once per turn, allowing for devastating burn damage.

When mixed with low mana creatures and cards that spawn multiple tokens, Witty Roastmaster can do a lot of damage. It has three powers itself, allowing it to attack in addition to dealing direct burn damage, making it a formidable alliance card.


Social Climber is one of many cards that give you life when a creature enters the battlefield for its alliance ability. Unlike other cards like this, Social Climber’s statline helps to be a bigger threat, as it can deal good damage and gain you life.

Green is one of the best colors for life gain when mixed with white. Social Climber’s alliance ability can stack with other life gain triggers, gaining huge amounts of life in a single turn.

Elegant surroundings

Elegant Entourage is a fantastic alliance card for making your whole party of creatures a threat. Whenever its alliance effect triggers, another creature gets +1/+1 and tramples until end of turn.

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While it can’t target itself, Elegant Entourage works to make the rest of your creatures dangerous by giving them trample. This makes it harder to block weak creatures and forces the opponent to consider throwing their powerful creatures in front of them to protect their life. With the ease with which it is possible to flood the field, it can be easy to give every creature you control a boost.

rumor gatherer

The good white card draw was also a bit of a joke, but it’s starting to get as strong as the other suits, and Rumor Gatherer is one of the cards that helps give it a much-needed boost. When its alliance ability triggers, you scan a card in your deck. If it’s the second time, however, you may draw a card.

If you can create creatures during an opponent’s turn, Rumor Gatherer may draw you multiple cards, especially true for the Commander format. Rumor Gatherer’s gaze effect is always great, because being able to control what your next draw will be is a fantastic effect.

celebrity fencer

Celebrity Fencer can spiral out of control very quickly, especially if you have a lot of low mana creatures to cast or tokens to craft. When her alliance ability triggers, she gives herself a +1/+1 counter. It’s also not once per turn, allowing multiple counters to be placed on it in one turn.

He starts off as a 3/2, so when he starts getting counters he will already have good stats that are gradually improving. Celebrity Fencer can quickly become a target to eliminate, and if the opponent can’t respond, they can close matches on their own.

Venom Connoisseur

Venom Connoisseur will easily make opponents think twice about blocking your creatures. When Venom Connoisseur’s alliance ability first triggers, she gives herself deathtouch. If it’s the second time, however, all creatures you control receive deathtouch.

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When looking to close out a game or eliminate some problematic cards, his alliance ability deals deathblows to deter opponents from throwing their cards in front of attackers. If you can trigger it during an opponent’s turn, it makes all of your weak creatures a fantastic blocker that can trade with anything they can block.

Devil Jack

Devilish Valet is a fantastic alliance card that can become devastating to the opponent if you have ways to trigger their alliance ability multiple times per turn. Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, Devilish Valet’s power is doubled until end of turn.

It has both trample and haste, allowing you to swing for a lot of damage early. It can be shuffled with cards like Fling or Kazuul’s Fury. After dealing damage, you can use Devilish Valet’s high power to end the game by having him inflict his power on the opponent’s life.

Rose Room Treasurer

Rose Room Treasurer acts as both a way to turn you red, as well as a way to eliminate problem mobs or deal burn damage. When her alliance ability triggers for the first or second time, Rose Room Treasurer will give you a treasure token. Anytime after that, you can pay X mana to deal X damage to any target.

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With how easy it is to stay low on the mana curve in decks running red, Rose Room Treasurer will give you plenty of ramps to be able to cast your high mana spells through multiple alliance triggers.

boss driver

Boss’s Chauffeur becomes an immediate threat as soon as he enters the field. It enters the battlefield with +1/+1 counters on it for each creature on the battlefield. His alliance ability will continue to give him +1/+1 counters whenever another creature is put onto the battlefield.

If the Boss Driver dies one day, he creates 1/1 tokens equal to the number of markers on him. If opponents don’t destroy it, Boss’s Chauffeur will become extremely powerful through meter, and if they do, you get a swarm of tokens to attack and trigger other alliance abilities with.

Gala reception

Gala Greeters is the only alliance card that has multiple effects you can choose from. Each time it triggers, you can choose any of them, as long as they weren’t chosen this turn. This includes putting a +1/+1 counter on Gala Greeters, creating an tapped treasure token, and gaining two life.

This can get out of control very quickly and early on since Gala Greeters only cost two mana to cast. If you can create creatures during your opponents’ turn, you can trigger its alliance effects multiple times when it’s your turn.

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