The Baton Rouge organization does its part to help a country in need

BATON ROUGE — Alexander Jackson is a Liberian nurse who fights to provide people who live outside the city limits with proper health care.

It serves an area called Bombi County with no access, electricity or running water. The families living there do not have access to adequate health care.

“We have a lot of things, a lot of problems in Liberia,” Jackson said. “but that’s my goal for now.”

Its objective is to build an adequate health center for women and children who have no means of transport.

“What he found was that women have to walk twenty to thirty miles to have a baby and not have it,” said healthcare professional Ken Alexander.

For two decades, Liberia found itself trying to rebuild itself after a grueling civil war that claimed millions of lives. The Ebola epidemic has displaced almost a million people. Jackson was determined to rebuild his homeland and a clinic with solar power, medical beds and supplies.

“Our vision is to build and operate this facility for people in health care,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s story was so powerful that it made waves in the United States. Alexander, a Baton Rouge native, decided he wanted to get involved and help out.

“My wife and I are participating in a fundraiser to help build a new modern medical facility to help Liberian women, children and families have local access to modern healthcare,” said Alexander.

With the help of Shelly Spurlock, his friend and founder of the Raise Your Hand Foundation, he created the Raise Your Roof fundraiser. Just after a few months of talking with Jackson, Alexander has raised around $75,000 in donations.

“We started fundraising this summer,” Alexander said. “On August 3, we inaugurated the new A to Z Health Center.”

The clinic is still under construction and is a “compassionate project” of the Raise Your Hand Foundation. The organization primarily focuses on providing scholarships to young Liberians in fields of study that will help rebuild and develop the country. They will need about $27,000 more to complete the whole project.

“I’m so happy to help my people and my community,” Jackson said.

“He’s a wonderful young man and he just inspires me,” Alexander said. “We have a passion for this. The Lord has given us a heart for this and so I said to Alexander in a brief message, ‘We want to be able to help you.'”

The Raise Your Hand Foundation is still accepting donations for this ongoing project.

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