Tekedia launches Tekedia for Enterprise – Organization-wide training hosted on customer’s platform

Tekedia Institute is delighted to announce that it has launched a new program – Tekedia for Enterprise. Tekedia for Enterprise is an organization-wide training service that allows workers or learners to take our courses on a customer’s website or portal without having to visit Tekedia.com. Through an API-based system, we allow the client to distribute the courseware (written materials, videos, etc.) to staff or learners within the client’s ecosystem [for clients which do not have a portal, Tekedia assists by creating a dedicated section with custom URL and your logo within our system].

In this new era, improve the skills of your workers according to their schedule. With our flexible learning, you will attract, grow, grow and retain top talent.

Tekedia for Enterprise is structured to serve companies that have portals where their employees can learn new skills directly in the company LAN system or schools/training institutions that want to use Tekedia Institute courseware to start a business of training. Here are some major attributes of Tekedia for Enterprise:

  • The school within your organization – with tutorials hosted locally on your portal, your team can learn anytime. This motivates them, increases productivity, and helps you execute the organizational mission more effectively.
  • Business growth and innovation– as you grow your workforce with world-class, on-demand courses and the topics they need to stay current and innovate, you position your organization to succeed through innovation. With Tekedia for Enterprise, you connect learning to business results.
  • Transparent, cost-effective training – for companies as well as for training establishments, with Tekedia for Enterprise, your employees or learners remain in your ecosystems, and would not have to come and train at Tekedia. Why? You have the in-demand world-class courseware hosted on your platform through our APIs. This helps you maximize value and save money.
  • Boost morale, promote retention – Tekedia Institute will readily serve as a partner to develop new courses to address areas where new skills are needed in your organization. With fresh, high-quality tutorials, a highly productive and engaged team emerges, which drives retention.
  • Live sessions, at your invitation – in addition to pre-recorded tutorials, Tekedia Institute, upon your invitation, will attend your company meetings and make presentations, at no additional cost.

Licensing and pricing

We issue a license and with this license, through an API, you can use our tutorials directly on your company’s platform. For licenses, we have two categories:

  • Enterprise License: this customer may not resell or use the courseware to train learners who must pay for training services. This license is reserved for companies to train their staff and internal stakeholders. A business license holder may not devote their main business activity to training.
  • Training license: this customer runs a school or training program, which means that learners and students pay to be trained. On this license, this customer is paid by customers to provide training services using the courseware, and its main business activity focuses on training.

E-mail [email protected] indicate an interest. We’ll set up an initial Zoom meeting with you to understand the requirements, and once that’s over, we’ll send you our pricing. There is no scheduled start time; we are ready once a client is ready to get started.

To learn more about this program, click here.

Partners wanted: we invite HR consultants, companies, training schools, etc., as partners to market and distribute this program and other Tekedia programs. Click on here and find out more.

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