St. George Business Alliance Awards $1,000 Scholarship to Liam O’Neal – Knox County VillageSoup

ST. GEORGE – The St. George Business Alliance announces that it has selected Liam O’Neal of Tenants Harbour, a graduate of Camden Hills Regional High School, as the recipient of the organization’s $1,000 scholarship for 2022.

The SGBA Scholarship Selection Committee selected Liam for the 2022 award based on his excellent academic record, student leadership and commitment to community service, as well as his determination to settle down and achieve its goals. He plans to attend the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut in the fall to study health sciences and play Division II baseball for the Purple Knights.

“In high school, I became fascinated with strength training and how I could train in sport-specific ways to achieve my goals,” O’Neal said.

After graduating from college, he hopes to become a coach and athletic trainer, helping others achieve their own health, wellness, athletic and fitness goals.

“I witnessed his steady growth and reliability as an individual, citizen and teammate,” said one of Liam’s teachers. “Liam’s level of self-advocacy, personal responsibility, self-awareness and ability to know when and how to ask for help will enable him to be successful in his next step after high school.” Liam is planning for his post-secondary future and, his teacher added, “I know he will fulfill your investment in him to the best of his abilities.”

The SGBA is a local non-profit business association of businesses, individuals, civic and non-profit organizations whose mission is to promote business and cultural prosperity in St. George. As part of this mission, SGBA strives to help students receive the education necessary to pursue their chosen career. This is the fifth year the organization has offered a $1,000 scholarship to a high school graduate from St. George.

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