“So much for this Alliance”

Rece Davis had a similar reaction to many college sports fans and media on Thursday when ESPN College GameDay host shared his thoughts on the seismic movement in college sports with the reported transfer of Southern Cal and UCLA to the Big Ten.

“The first thing I thought of was so much for this Alliance,” Davis said on “The Paul Finebaum Show.” “No poaching. We’re gonna work together and all that jazz. The first thing, Paul, is that they’re trying to survive and get as big a slice of the pie as possible. But I didn’t see it coming. »

Davis recalled that recent conversations at ESPN included the potential resurgence of the Pac-12 with Dan Lanning at Oregon and Lincoln Riley at USC.

“It’s obvious to me that they don’t have much faith in the financial viability that the Pac-12 would bring relative to its schedule,” Davis said. “At least it looks like it and they’re going to go for a bigger slice of the pie and I think we’re heading towards 2 mega conferences at some point in the future being the Big Ten and the SEC.”

Finebaum asked Davis which side of the country was more affected by this reported move, the Pac-12 or the ACC? Davis said Notre Dame being a member of the ACC would keep that conference viable.

“The very next immediate question, I think, is what’s going on with Oregon and Washington,” Davis said. “…That would seem to indicate that Oregon and Washington are the 2 most likely suspects you are pursuing. Beyond that, the ACC schools, how could they, if it’s even possible, get out of the rights grant, which has all of their media rights going to the ACC until 2036, and would any of them be prepared to go through a legal challenge? Would they have a financially viable fine? Is the grant of rights enforceable? From there, I think you see some consternation in places like Clemson, maybe even North Carolina.

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