Rochester Downtown Alliance announces 2022 events

ROCHESTER, Minnesota (KTTC) – If you’re looking for a way to connect with other members of the Rochester community, the Downtown Alliance has a number of outdoor events planned for this year.

The first of 2022? SocialICE.

The 14th Annual Rochester SocialICE will take place February 3-5. The Alliance says they are excited to bring him back after having to modify the event last year to follow public health guidelines.

The GDR faced many challenges during the pandemic, which made it difficult to plan community events.

“Everything was flexible, adaptable, but really wanted to add something to our community,” said Kanika Couchene, director of events and strategic planning at RDA.

While no indoor events are planned for the year, the organization wants to use the 44 blocks of downtown Rochester to bring the community together, in a safe way.

“We are really focusing on the downtown public spaces and working with the businesses and organizations in the downtown area of ​​the region to really activate those spaces,” said Karli McElroy, director of operations for RDA.

If big events like SocialICE or downtown Thursdays during the summer months aren’t your thing, the Alliance hosts smaller events like daily sidewalk concerts and outdoor yoga and barre classes. air once it starts to get warmer.

“We know that not everyone is able to participate in a big event that only happens once a year, so we’re looking at how to do these daily activations,” McElroy said.

With so many local events canceled over the past couple of years, it can be nice to come together in a safe place to feel a sense of community.

“It has that sense of belonging and it also helps our businesses when we’re able to bring people downtown,” Couchene said.

“When we go our separate ways, you miss that human interaction. You miss that quiet of going out and talking to people and that’s what we’ve really seen over the last year or so is that people just love to be outside. They love to see their friends again, ”said McElroy.

For a full list of Rochester Downtown Alliance 2022 events, click here.

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