pawan: Pawan hints at Jana Sena-tdp alliance | Vijayawada News

Vijayawada: Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan advised the TDP to follow the preachings of the Holy Bible to exalt themselves to overcome evil. The actor-turned-politician made key comments on alliances during a meeting with party leaders at headquarters in Mangalagiri.
“The TDP previously likened an alliance with Jana Sena to one-sided love. They changed their position after Mahanadu and said the war has become one-sided. They should be clear on their position,” Pawan said.
Quoting the Bible, Pawan said, “And whoever exalts himself will be humbled; and he who humbles himself will be exalted.
“We were elated in 2014 for the benefit of the state and it’s the TDP’s turn to make a move,” Pawan said.
Responding to the alliance with the BJP, Pawan said, “We are in alliance with the BJP and we have strong ties with each other. There is a gap between BJP and Jana Sena due to Covid-19 and we are fixing the issues now. The BJP senior leadership is in contact with me and we regularly discuss an action plan. I welcome BJP National Chairman JP Nadda to Andhra Pradesh. I call on all our leaders to work with the BJP on public issues,” Pawan said.
Explaining Jana Sena’s options for an alliance, Pawan said, “There are three options ahead of us for the 2024 elections. The first is Jana Sena and the BJP alliance. Second, Jana Sena, BJP and TDP work together and form a popular government. The third option is for Jana Sena to go it alone. I am ready for anything and the party will call for an alliance when the time is right,” Pawan told party leaders.

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