Organizations work to improve literacy at the Hub for Community Innovation

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – The Hub for Community Innovation is set to open June 27, and several different nonprofits will partner to help with healthcare access, food insecurity and to literacy.

Leaders of the Augusta University Literacy Center say literacy rates have stagnated, but learning gaps between people of color and those living in poverty have widened during the pandemic.

They hope a move to the Hub will help them overcome these challenges.

“Our goal is not just to increase learning, but to accelerate learning. We can close these gaps,” said Betsey Vandeusen, director of the AU Literacy Center.

Only 30% of students served by the AU Literacy Center read proficiently or better.

“That means 70% of our students aren’t reading well enough by the end of third or fourth grade, and we know this is a pivotal time for them to hone their skills,” he said. she declared.

The key to helping with literacy is working with other organizations within the hub, like the Boys and Girls Club.

Jeremy McCoy, Director of Club Experience, Boys and Girls Club, said: “I feel like with this collaboration, we can each build on our strengths, bring them together to build a bright future for young people. children.”

The service extends beyond the children of a family.

Felina Martin, Director of the Hub for Community Innovation, said: “We also instill and empower parents so they can learn to read or learn financial literacy so the whole family can succeed.”

One of the ways they focus on long-term success is career preparation.

McCoy said, “Our core programs are really going to work with people on the teen workforce and college readiness.”

Both organizations say the pandemic has impacted literacy, and they hope the increase in staff and programs will help. All of these services will be free.

Vandeusen said, “We know that adults want to improve their skills, they have job-related opportunity goals to help their students.”

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