Organization donates musical instruments to children after devastating tornado

MAYFIELD, Ky. (KFVS) – It has been more than six weeks since a devastating tornado hit the town of Mayfield.

Because of this, many lost their homes and belongings. This includes musical instruments that students also play.

An organization called Oklahoma’s Acoustic Freight Train Instrument Donation program gave kids and teens the chance to play music again.

AFT ID sent musical instruments to several families in Mayfield on Saturday.

A Mayfield High School student we spoke to said she was very grateful for the instrument.

“I feel very blessed in this by the grace of God that we got these gifts,” McKayla Davis said.

A volunteer who helped bring donated instruments to families said how important these instruments can be for children.

“These kids have lost their creative outlet at a time when they probably need it more than anything,” said Bill Crosslin. “As a lifelong musician, I know that music has always been that outlet for me.”

Emily Spivy works with Acoustic Freight Train Instrument Donation and helped provide the instruments to these people in Mayfield. His home town is also Mayfield.

“It strikes me because I still have a big footprint in my hometown,” Spivy said. “For me, I knew something catastrophic had happened, and I didn’t know until Saturday morning how awful it was.”

Spivy wanted to help those who lost instruments and their creative voice with them from the tornado.

“It gives them a voice to vent anger, frustration and sadness,” Spivy said. “With this voice, it will prevent them from doing anything destructive. They will be constructive. They are going to be creative.

The Freight Train Acoustic Instrument Donation Program is still accepting requests and instrument donations.

The instruments were given free of charge to the children by the association AFT ID.

For more information, you can visit their website or go to their Facebook page.

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