North Rapides Business and Industry Alliance Welcomes Pineville Mayoral Candidates

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) — The four candidates vying to become Pineville’s next mayor answered questions at the monthly meeting hosted by the North Rapides Business and Industry Alliance, or NRBIA.

Charles Moore, Rich Dupree, Mitzi Bayone-Williams and James Rachal each shared their vision of what they would like to see Pineville become. Then they answered questions from the audience ranging from plans to build a new city hall to the legalization of marijuana.

“My message today was that we need growth and diversity in this city or we won’t grow anymore,” Mitzi Bayone-Williams said.

“In some ways it just maybe reminds them of the things that we’ve accomplished as an administration, things that I’ve helped see accomplished and at the same time sort of setting the table for what what I expect from a Dupree campaign in the future and what I hope to accomplish,” said Rich Dupree.

“No candidate knows our infrastructure issues better than I do. I was director of public works for 22 years and that tells me everything I need to know because I look after our water, our streets, our sewers. I know what our issues are,” Charles Moore said.

“I believe the city still needs growth. I believe the city has room for recreational activities around Lake Buhlow. Everyone is always talking about Central State Hospital, I can’t wait to find out when elected,” said James Rachal.

The election for the mayor of Pineville takes place on March 26. Early voting begins March 12.

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