Mookie Betts makes honest admission about Red Sox organization

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Ultimately, superstar outfielder Mookie Betts will probably be best remembered as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

After all, the 29-year-old is under contract with the Dodgers through the 2032 season, which means there’s a very good chance he’ll spend the rest of his career in Los Angeles.

However, Boston Red Sox fans will never forget the first six years of Betts’ career, all of which took place before he became a Dodger.

His first six seasons were spent with the Red Sox.

Betts ticked tons of boxes during that time, including winning an MVP award and a World Series title in 2018.

Unfortunately, his time with Boston came to an end in February 2020, when the Red Sox traded him to the Dodgers in a blockbuster deal.

Many people in Boston wanted to see Betts in a Red Sox uniform for his entire career, but that dream died when the trade happened.

The team traded the five-time All-Star after contract negotiations between the two teams failed.

Situations like this often leave a sour taste in a player’s mouth, but Betts recently made it clear that he has nothing but love for the Red Sox.

No strong emotions

Betts recently spoke to WEEI’s Rob Bradford and talked about his feelings about the Red Sox organization.

“I just don’t want anybody, especially when I come back, man, I don’t want it to feel like it’s hate or I don’t want to be there,” Betts told Bradford. “I loved everyone in Boston. I loved it. It was the best time of my life. Obviously it’s a new chapter now and I have to live where my feet are, but I’ll never forget all those memories, all those fans and all the things I did in Boston, all the people, it was my life. It’s something I will never forget.

According to Betts, the Red Sox were just doing what they had to do.

“They had things they had to take care of,” Betts said of Boston’s position at the time of the trade. “They were in a situation where they had to do what was best for them. You can’t really be mad at someone for having to do what’s best for them, especially when you have to do what’s best for you. There’s definitely no hate in that. Chaim [Bloom] did a great job speaking and being upfront and honest and made the whole process smooth. It sucks, but it’s part of it. »

Betts is clearly grateful for his time with the Red Sox, which is great for the fans.

Although his time with the franchise is over, no one will ever be able to take away the memories.

Go hard in Dodger Blue

Betts once won a title with the Dodgers, but he plays like he wants more.

This season, he’s reduced .283/.361/.545 in 57 games, and he’s already racked up a bWAR of 3.1.

The Dodgers currently have a slim lead atop the NL West, as their 37-22 record puts them slightly ahead of the 37-23 San Diego Padres.

The San Francisco Giants, who are 32-26, are certainly looking to throw the party as well.

This is a fun division race to follow throughout the season.

Time will tell if Betts can help his team win the NL West crown and maybe win another World Series.

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