Minor parties distance themselves from Tamaki-led alliance

With a major demonstration in Parliament just days away, the race is on among the parties outside the Hive to get in front of the crowd.

The protesting parties see an opportunity to cross the 5% MMP threshold if they can form an alliance. But big questions remain about who would lead it.

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki, on behalf of Vision NZ led by Hannah Tamaki, claims to have no fewer than four parties registered under their banner.

But Q+A’s Whena Owen found that many potential parties who might be involved in the alliance remain coy about participating.

“It’s not for me to tell on camera who these parties are, but I understand that Brian wants to announce it on the 23rd on the steps of Parliament,” Hannah Tamaki said.

The New Conservatives and the One Christian Party – who both contested the 2020 elections and beat Vision in the party vote – say they are not part of an alliance led by Tamaki.

And Outdoors and Freedom party leader Sue Grey, who recently won 5% in the Tauranga by-election, went so far as to say there was room for an umbrella party covering the space.

“I would like to be part of it. I don’t think it necessarily has to be the Outdoors and Freedom Party, but we’re in a good place because we’re registered.

To stand for party voting, parties must register with the Electoral Commission and prove that they have at least 500 paying members.

Several other groups – including Democracy NZ, led by former national MP Matt King, and the New Nation Party – are yet to register for the 2023 election. Neither would confirm whether they have joined the covenant.

King, who won the Northland seat in 2017, raised the prospects of his party leading any alliance on the grounds that it has the potential to win the seat again.

Various protest groups are planning a rally on the parliament grounds on August 23, hoping to rekindle the movement that occupied parliament earlier this year.

After it ended in violence and acrimony, Hannah Tamaki was quick to walk away from the potential for more violence this time around.

“Once we walked away, once Brian and the Freedom and Rights Coalition walked away, sorry. It’s not our problem,” she said.

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