Love Is Blind Season 2: Where are they now?

Love is blind Season 2 was just as juicy and addictive as Season 1, with an equally interesting set of cast members, all presumably looking for lasting love. Much like Season 1, a few found their kindred spirits immediately…or so they thought. The show wouldn’t be the show, after all, without some drama, and this season had plenty of that.

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While many of these issues were addressed and resolved during the reunion special, fans still can’t help but wonder what favorite cast members (and villains) could be up to these days. And most importantly, are any of the cast members who left the show dating anyone alone — or with each other — yet?



Fans instantly fell in love with Iyanna and felt for her when Jarrette, who was torn between her and Mallory, admitted he was probably ready to propose to the latter. When Mallory said she felt a deeper connection to Sal, he decided to ask Iyanna instead, but not before coming clean to her. One of the biggest surprises of Love is blind season 2 is that Iyanna decided to say yes. But everything worked out for the best.

The couple hit it off instantly once they met and are one of two couples who got married. They were still married on the reunion show, although Iyanna admitted reality tea that it was “awkward” to see Jarrette bonding with Mallory in the pods.


One of two successful couples on the show, Jarrette met their soul mate in Iyanna, and the couple got married on the show. Based on the special reunion, they remain very much in love and continue to compromise to make their marriage work. This includes Jarrette who dated less than before when he was single.

They said People that they plan to travel so they can enjoy each other’s company for a while before starting a family. Jarrette continues to work at various jobs, including selling sneakers, hosting a podcast, investing, and cutting hair.


Danielle remains happily married to Nick, as one of two couples who married on the show. Despite their arguments in Season 2, they overcame their differences and revealed they had more in common than the show let on.

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Based on coordinated Instagram posts regarding both Officesources like Glamor Magazine deduce that the two are always perfectly synchronized with each other. Danielle also publicly addressed comments about her mental health in an Instagram post, noting that some scenes in the series did not provide context or show the full story and that she continued to work on herself as a person.


Nick is one half of the two couples who actually got married this season, saying “I do” to the woman he quickly fell in love with in the pods, Danielle. The couple appeared on the reunion show together, showing video footage of their apartment, which they now live in together.

They remain happily married, finally able to let their status be known now that the finale is finally airing. Interestingly, while the pair were responsible for some of the biggest fights on Love is blind season 2, they get along wonderfully, even with Danielle Rock band together she fought to keep making an appearance on the show.


Natalie and Shayne had the most energetic relationship on the show, acting like a couple who had been together for years. Fans and fellow cast members were convinced they were getting married, but in the end, a big argument led Natalie to change her mind.

The couple attempted to date for a few months after the show, but eventually decided they both wanted different things. According to Elle Magazinehowever, the pair still seem to be talking, so the fans who supported them are hoping there’s potential for a reconciliation.


Embroiled in a love triangle, fans were certain that Shayne and Natalie, who seemed so loving and playful together, would eventually marry. Unfortunately, a fight the night before the wedding led Natalie to refuse the sacrament. While Shayne looked torn from the breakup, Natalie revealed at the reunion that she just couldn’t get over what happened and the things he said angrily to her.

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According to Distractit doesn’t look like Shayne is dating anyone else yet, but he and Natalie still seem to be talking.


Deepti came out of the series as the most likable cast member, by both fans and cast. Everyone at the reunion sang her praises and came to her defense about the things Shake had said about her behind her back.

The biggest question about Deepti was whether or not she was dating Kyle, who revealed during the reunion that they had a deep connection in the pods that wasn’t televised, and that he regretted not not have pursued her further instead of Shaina. Deepti confirmed Style caster that she’s still single and “focusing on herself,” but admitted that she and Kyle are figuring out if they could take the next step.

Abhishek “Shake”

One of the most talked about cast members after the finale was Abhishek “Shake”. After being rejected by Deepti following numerous moments where he expressed his lack of physical attraction to her (the worst thing he did on Love is blind season 2), he continued to act immature. This behavior didn’t stop on the reunion show, shocking everyone with some of his thoughtless remarks.

Shake spent time defending his position after the reunion show, but eventually issued a statement of apology on his Instagram account. He continues to work as a veterinarian, although Shake is also starting his own podcast called Love is Blurry, according to tabin reference to a comment he made on the reunion special.


Things didn’t work out between Mallory and Sal, but the two seemed to be in a good place at the meeting, respecting each other’s privacy and noting that things happened behind closed doors, which led to the dissolution of their relationship.

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It’s unclear if Mallory is dating someone new, with her latest Instagram posts dating back to just before the reunion aired. With the lack of social media updates, it’s likely that Mallory is just focusing on herself and her career for now.


Even though Sal and Mallory seemed to be on the right track, he decided to tell her at the altar that he didn’t want to get married. On the reunion show, he vaguely hinted at things that happened between them that led to the decision, but he didn’t elaborate further out of respect for their privacy.

Sal said News Feed that although he and Mallory had a casual date after the show to see if there was any spark, it was worth nothing. He also revealed that he is now dating someone else, but did not provide a name or details on whether the person is associated with the show in any way.


Shaina was the season’s resident villain, supposedly embroiled in a love triangle, abandoning Kyle in Mexico and seemingly trying to drive a wedge between Shayne and Natalie. She accepted Kyle’s proposal despite their deep religious differences and the fact that she clearly had feelings for Shayne that she failed to express until it was too late.

Shaina and Shayne both confirmed that there was no romantic connection between them during the reunion show. Shaina also confirmed Charm that she is actually in a serious relationship with someone else right now. She did not reveal her boyfriend’s name but confirmed he was not associated with the show.


Kyle may not have found lasting love on the show, but one of the most surprising revelations of the Love is blind 2 reunion special was that Kyle and Deepti had actually connected on a significant level in the pods. Kyle expressed his regret for not pursuing those feelings further and proposing to Deepti instead of Shaina.

Since the reunion special aired, Kyle has teased a potential romance with Deepti in a cryptic ICT Tac which quickly got fans excited (and gained over 15 million views). Since then, the pair have been spotted together by outlets like TMZand Deepti said People that they “find out” whether they will pursue something romantic or not.

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