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CAPE CORAL, FL, July 15 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEAI) released a presentation focusing on impact investing, including a proposed investment in Monarch Health Inc.

Barry Kostiner, President and CEO of Legacy Education, said, “Legacy Education realizes an opportunity to provide its platform products and services to local communities in partnership with leading professional athletes in their desire to provide access to life skills and educational mentoring, products and services in their hometown. This exciting new model, still in development, is a departure from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad brand and the previously announced planned relationship with Cris Carter, which is no longer being pursued. We intend to diversify the Legacy Education platform with a wide variety of influencers, local leaders and professional athletes, and expand Legacy’s national reach and active local community engagement. In addition to our focus on our affordable and accelerated degree completion activity, we aim to provide resources to meet the different needs throughout each individual’s life course, including career counselling, financial literacy education, entrepreneurship, real estate and investment training.

Andrew McDonald, Vice President of Legacy, said, “America’s national addiction crisis is destroying communities and affecting families from all walks of life. Unfortunately, drug addiction recovery programs typically have a recidivism rate of over 90%. Although drug rehabilitation is an essential life-saving service, it must be accompanied by ongoing mentoring and education services to reset the trajectory of the individual on an upward path. Legacy continues to invest in Monarch Health’s detox business and strives to leverage our platform of products and services to move beyond detox to long-term stability and success.

Monarch Health has assembled a world-class medical operations and management team with industry-leading expertise in substance abuse and addiction treatment. Their business plan leverages underutilized hospital beds to provide drug rehabilitation services to Medicare, Medicaid and veterans’ patients. Partnering with hospitals to “Airbnb” their unused hospital beds, allows the use of hospital infrastructure while avoiding the huge costs and liability of facility management and billing, thus enabling the opportunity to make substantial profits at a low price. Legacy believes this business strategy has explosive potential, where the rehab industry struggles to cost-effectively meet the needs of minority and underserved communities, especially Medicare, Medicaid and veteran patients. Monarch Health has existing relationships with a very large network of underutilized regional and critical access hospitals located across the country. Investment in Monarch by Legacy Education is subject to negotiation and execution of definitive documentation, closing conditions, and approval by the Boards of Directors of both companies.

Barry Kostiner added: “I am thrilled to have Andrew join Legacy. He is an exceptional and inspiring entrepreneur who shares our vision to transform Legacy Education. We are actively engaged in rebuilding our live events focused on real estate investment education and training, in addition to the Legacy Degree.

The current universe of online students in America is approaching 3 million and growing rapidly – ​​if we assume we can achieve 5% market penetration, our revenue could exceed $1 billion/year, while still being one least expensive paths to an accredited degree, with an estimated net margin of 40% that we believe far exceeds all EdTech unicorns.

We believe in building businesses that have a clear path to providing not only valuable services that positively impact society, but also profitability. The EdTech world is run by companies that we believe do not meet these criteria. We are committed to bringing value to our students, investors, employees and communities.

Further information:

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2. LinkedIn posts: https://www.linkedin.com/in/barry-kostiner/recent-activity/shares/

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About Legacy Education Alliance Inc.

Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEAI) provides online degree programs and hands-on, high-quality, value-based educational training in personal finance, entrepreneurship, investment strategies and techniques and real estate investment. Legacy Education has grown to focus on impact investing and providing educational and career resources to underserved communities, in addition to serving its established customer base.

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