Kentucky Organization Holds Workshops for Businesses

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. — Throughout the pandemic, Kentucky businesses have been hit with employee shortages and supply chain shortages. Advantage Kentucky Alliance said it found the solution to success, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

What do you want to know

  • Advantage Kentucky Alliance Holds Workshops Throughout Kentucky to Improve Manufacturers and Businesses
  • Ryan Nelson is a Pegasus Industries and Packing fabricator who took the week-long workshop for the first time
  • Nelson’s and six other companies participated in the Shelbyville workshop
  • Kent Waide is Customer Service Manager for Advantage Kentucky Alliance

Advantage Kentucky Alliance is on a mission to help Kentucky manufacturers and businesses by driving productivity, growth opportunities, and creating additional jobs. The organization traveled to Shelbyville, where it launched its course series.

Ryan Nelson is a manufacturer from Pegasus Industries and Packaging who attended the class for the first time.

“It’s nerve-wracking, but very educational,” Nelson said.

These are emotions that Nelson felt while taking a course to improve the company he works for. Nelson said he has seen the effects of the supply chain shortage firsthand.

“A lot of our business comes from overseas, so what we would normally see in 12 weeks, we won’t see for a year. And not being able to get a lot of products like this allows us to solve the problems,” Nelson explained.

The week-long workshop is part of a goal to work with Kentucky manufacturers to increase productivity, expand opportunity, and create and retain jobs. The company’s director of customer service, Kent Waide, said the organization is busier creating solutions to keep a business afloat during a pandemic.

“I come across a lot of companies right now that are going as hard as they can, but they’re not making money while they’re doing it,” Waide said.

Waide has worked with nearly 100 manufacturers like Nelson this year. He said these workshops have enabled manufacturers to gain $50 million in new investment and save $17 million, as well as retaining or creating 1,400 jobs in the Commonwealth.

What’s most important, Nelson said, is that he learned to absorb the knowledge and continue to prioritize his business.

“We have to be very flexible with the needs of our customers. If they have a problem that arises, they come to us to solve the problem,” Nelson said.

Regardless of what manufacturers face during tough economic times, Nelson added that it’s important to keep business goals in mind. Kentucky’s latest economic report found that workers are slowly returning to the job market, but they are not returning quickly enough to fill available positions.

Kentucky has also recovered or replaced 76% of the jobs lost during the pandemic. The next workshop for Advantage Kentucky Alliance will be July 12 in Corbin. You can click here to register.

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