Gregg Popovich defends Spurs organization when asked about Josh Primo

Before Friday’s game against the Clippers, Gregg Popovich was interviewed by San Antonio Express News’ Tom Orsborn when he discovered former player Josh Primo’s multiple incidents of exposing himself to former team phycologist Dr Hillary Cauthen. While Pop said he couldn’t answer because the issue is now a legal matter, he offered a detailed response, sticking to the organization’s reputation as a gold standard and stating that he believed everything was being handled appropriately, while expressing sympathy for all parties involved. .

Pop is definitely in a sticky spot right now. Team lawyers assuredly told him not to say anything, and it should be noted that Dr Cauthen and his lawyer, Tony Buzbee, said they did not believe Spurs HR when told in June that Pop was aware of the situation and that she had his support. It’s just extremely hard to believe that if Pop knew he wouldn’t have allowed this to continue (at a minimum Primo probably would have been on leave from the team to “get some help”) he wouldn’t have agreed to extend Primo’s contract and wouldn’t have praised him so much. It’s just not who Pop is.

At this time, we only know what has been presented, which is Dr Cauthen’s full story and a ‘we disagree’ rebuttal from Spurs. Everything that happened and which party is at fault will have to be determined by the courts, but as Pop said, we just have to let the legal process unfold while continuing to support the innocent players who are still in the lurch. ‘crew.

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