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The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance has released a new video series titled Business, Community, Opportunity. This exciting series spotlights 10 local businesses and showcases the positive impact they have on the community. From job creation to economic development, these companies are making a difference in the lives of their employees and customers.

Fort Dodge, Iowa, September 10, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance continues to showcase the diversity of organizations and businesses in the region with its ten-part video series. The fifth video in the series spotlights local retail owners. Craig Jarrad de Brown’s Shoe Fit is a successful example of a local retailer that has been able to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing retail landscape. Jarrad attributes his success to his willingness to change with the times and his commitment to customer service. By continually evolving its business model, Jarrad has been able to stay ahead of the competition and build customer loyalty. The Growth Alliance’s video series aims to highlight the many types of businesses that call the region home and show how they contribute to the vibrancy of our community.

Craig talks about his father’s legacy Charles City, Iowa Brown’s Shoe Fit store with stories of how he went to work after school and one of his main jobs was emptying the ashtrays that sat next to each chair and washing the windows. This early start sealed his future decision to own his own Brown’s Shoe Fit store. From there, he traveled to various Brown’s Shoe Fit stores to learn from other store owners. In 1996 Craig opened the Fort Dodge location and grew it from 3,000 square feet to adding more space in 2006 and again in 2015.

Jill NelsonGFDGA Community Development Director talks about Craig Jarrad during a recent Spin It podcast. “First of all, I think it has to be said that Craig is a wonderful community partner and a successful businessman. It was really cool to see him talk about living and working in the Fort Dodge region and how he developed his business, and how he started.

Brown’s Shoe Fit is committed to engaging with its local community in a variety of ways. One example is the Fit Nite event that they hold every month on the third Thursday from April through October. This event is a partnership with other businesses in the area and offers a fun evening of activities for families, including walking in the trail area. By providing these events and resources, Brown’s Shoe Fit has a positive impact on its community.

Lydia Schurr, communications specialist with GFDGA talks about the event during the podcast. “He’s having his Thursday Brown’s Shoe Fit Nite party, encouraging people to get out and walk the trails, he’s got vendors, he’s got giveaways. It’s become a really big event, and I feel like that it’s just a wonderful additional part of our community. And he really does it because he cares.

The GFDGA encourages everyone to watch the video, as well as the others in the series, to learn more about the businesses, the community and the opportunities that lie in the region. The videos can also be freely shared on social media and websites as a resource for job recruitment and business development in the region. The other videos will continue to air every three weeks for the rest of the year and you can find out more about them on the Spin It podcast sponsored by Spin Markket + Digital which is released in conjunction with the videos.

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