Garfield Heights K-9 Arlo Retires at 10

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) – Garfield Heights Police K-9 Arlo is retiring Feb. 11 after serving the department for nearly all of its 10 years.

Deputy Chief Dale Merchant’s time has caught up with Arlo, and even though “his mind says he can do it, but his body tells him he can’t”.

“He’s reached an age where he sports his dad, and he barks at dog walkers to get off his lawn,” Merchant joked. “He still really enjoys coming to work and being with all of you, but his contribution to the department is now limited to being a therapy dog. With the addition of K-9 Echo and K-9 Kreed, I think it’s time for K-9 Arlo to stay home and keep the couch.

Arlo was born in the Czech Republic on July 26, 2011 and graduated from Von der Haus Gill Academy in Wapakoneta with Merchant in December 2012.

Thanks to community outreach from Arlo and Merchant, donations to the K-9 program enabled Garfield Heights to purchase the last five police working dogs at no cost to the city.

The City of Garfield Heights thanked Arlo for his service to the community and Merchant for being a K-9 handler with three different dogs (Reno, Major and Arlo) for the past 23 years, earning him the title of Master Trainer with the National Association of Professional Dog Handlers.

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Garfield Heights K-9 Arlo Retires at 10(Garfield Heights Police)

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