Forensic psychologist provides insight into Bigsby case

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – Hampton investigators are actively working behind the scenes as they examine forensic evidence in the case of the disappearance of 4-year-old Codi Bigsby.

10 On Your Side spoke with Dr Earle Williams, a Norfolk-based forensic psychologist. He is not related to the Bigsby case, but explained how the process generally works.

Williams told 10 On Your Side that Cory Bigsby may have to take a series of tests — if he hasn’t already — to determine if he’s mentally fit.

“That assessment would cover his ability to stand trial,” Williams said.

Cory Bigsby is facing seven counts of child neglect in connection with several incidents in which he left his children alone at home. Court records show that the negligence charges are not directly linked to Codi’s disappearance.

Williams, who has followed the Bigsby case, explained that if Cory Bigsby shows he is fit to stand trial, the next step is to see if he has a mental illness.

“If he has ever been hospitalized for a mental illness, I would like a copy of those records. If he is being treated on an outpatient basis, I would contact the community services board and see if I can get any information about it,” Williams said.

Cory Bigsby may also be subject to a personality test or an intelligence exam.

“I may want to administer an IQ test. I may wish to administer a depression test because most of the time depression will reduce your ability to think clearly,” Williams explained.

Based on the results, Bigsby’s children, in this case her 5-year-old son who is the oldest of four in the household, would be assessed.

“Anyone who had significant contact with him. Maybe his job, maybe a neighbor if they heard something, maybe his mate or a girlfriend or a wife. If there are other kids involved, I might consider interviewing them,” Williams said.

A typical psychiatric report for a criminal case is about 10 pages.

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