Florida Trucking Association Highlights Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Last year, the American Trucking Association reported that the shortage of truck drivers had risen to 80,000.

The Florida Trucking Association helps celebrate this National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

The annual event, which runs from Sunday to Saturday, takes on particular significance this year, as global supply chain issues continue to underscore the importance of the trucking industry.

“About 85% of Florida communities rely exclusively on trucks to move their goods; almost everything we depend on in daily life is made possible by our country’s professional truckers,” said Alix Miller, president and CEO of the Florida Trucking Association. “National Trucker Appreciation Week is an important time to thank professional truckers for their hard work and dedication to undertaking one of the most critical jobs in our economy.

There are more than 3.6 million professional truck drivers nationwide, with more than 500,000 commercial driver license holders in Florida. Truckers deliver goods and products ranging from food and fuel to medicine and clothing. They transport more than 10 billion tons of goods and products each year, which represents 70% of the country’s total annual freight.

The Florida Trucking Association has promoted and protected the state’s trucking industry for nearly 90 years. FTA is the only state liaison between the trucking industry and the legislative, regulatory and judicial branches of the state and federal government.

In October 2021, the American Trucking Association reported that the shortage of truck drivers had increased to 80,000, an absolute record for the industry. The organization estimates that the shortage could exceed 160,000 by 2030.

“One thing to note about the shortage is that before the pandemic we were adding drivers to the industry – even though we had a shortage, more people were entering the industry,” the chief economist said. of the ATA. Bob Costello said. “The problem is that new entrants to the industry have not kept up with the demand for goods.”

Govt. Ron DeSantis has made it a point to stimulate the trucking industry in Florida. The Governor’s Office has awarded millions for truck driving education, including $3.2 million last year for Florida State College in Jacksonville to support 120 trucking graduates per year.

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