Everclear, Candlebox, Filter Out Of 90s Alt-Rock Fest

Everclear has dropped its upcoming appearance at a ’90s alternative rock festival in the Los Angeles area called Flannel Nation. The band announced they were quitting via Instagram, citing, “[in]adequate means to provide the level of experience our fans expect and deserve when attending an Everclear show.

The band’s full statement is below:

It has come to our attention over the past week that the organizers of the Flannel Nation Festival event in San Pedro, California, scheduled for this Saturday, August 13, do not have the adequate means to provide the level of experience that our fans expect and deserve. while attending an Everclear show. With this in mind, we have decided to withdraw from the festival. Please stay tuned in the coming weeks as we will be announcing a real performance in Los Angeles where we plan to deliver the type of performance that exceeds our fans’ expectations. Refunds can be requested at point of purchase.

On August 5, Flannel Nation announced that it was changing location, although the festival will still be held at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro on August 13. Other acts listed include Candlebox, Soul Asylum, Filter, Cracker, Fastball, Sponge, Star Zero and Fil X. Sugar Ray was also added as a “guest headliner” to the lineup after the initial announcement.

UPDATE: Filter and Candlebox also canceled their Flannel Nation sets. Their statements are below.

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