Dark Alliance: Wulfgar Guide – Best Builds and Achievements

Another playable character in the enigmatic Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance game is Wulfgar, Son of Beornegar, and he’s a true wild card. This newly crowned leader of the Elk Tribe fills the role of the crew damage dealer, similar to Drizzt.

But, unlike Drizzt, Wulfgar focuses on power with great swings from the most powerful weapons rather than a flurry of stabbing with sharp blows. Unlike other characters, he can only really be played in a few ways within the Dark Alliance, either entirely focused on specific moves and combos, or focused on using his sound. Wrath of the Tempus as often as possible. RELATED: Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Master Tips For Creating Memorable NPCsWulfgar is more of a simple “build” than the other three characters in Dark Alliance, it really depends on what kind of damage you want to focus on, what moves you prefer and how much you want to focus on parries and dodging. (since it burns through stamina so quickly).

Upgrade and Attribute Points Guide

Wulfgar character selection screen

As you would expect from a Barbarian / Berserker class, the two most important attributes of Wulfgar are those focused on damage i.e. Strength and Dexterity. But, the rest of the spread may surprise you:

Rank Attribute Reason for classification
1 Strength Wulfgar is the DPS, so he maximizes damage first.
2 Dexterity DEX also improves damage dealt, as well as critical strike chance and critical damage.
3 Intelligence Many of Wulfgar’s best moves have elemental properties, which also improves damage dealt.
4 Constitution You kind of have to be alive to deal damage, so survivability is decently important.
5 Wisdom More survivability, this time at damage and elemental conditions.
6 Charisma The amount that this increases the AoE and charge rate of your Ultimate is sadly marginal, even though Wulfgar’s Ultimate is important for its builds.

Different ways to play Wulfgar

Wulfgar Berserker State Intro

As we said before, when it comes to Wulfgar’s playstyles, it all depends on the damage potential. You can absolutely build it Constitution first and settle for his first polish Strength, but at this point you’re playing more of a murderer than a berserker, and you might as well play Bruenor instead.

For Wulfgar, the most popular styles of play are incorporated into one of his moves like Rage of rage, build for elemental damage, or fully engage the construct to use its Wrath of the Tempus as often as possible.

What exploits to seize as soon as possible

Wulfgar Launcher

While there isn’t exactly a “ton” of Achievements to unlock in Dark Alliance, each one has a pretty big impact on your gaming experience, and there are absolutely some that should be picked up. as soon as possible. So here are the best ones to grab in each of Wulfgar’s three achievement trees:

  1. Pack Hunter: Scavenger, Rat Pack, Stamina
  2. The wolf: Charger, Tempus Fury, Reckless Abandonment
  3. The momentum: Blessing of Tempus, Hardy, Medium Armor Master

All of Wulgar’s best moves

Wulfgar's Tower of Rage

Now, Wulfgar is relatively unique compared to the rest of the cast, as most of his moves are worth using. Usually with the playable characters in this game you can count on three to four moves at most and basically ignore the rest, but Wulfgar’s are almost all respectable. That said, there are of course still some strengths such as:

  • Summon Magma
  • Rage
  • Back shovel
  • Narrower gap
  • Crush Momentum

For the most part, people seem to gravitate towards the Narrower gap and Elk stomp, because their effects are the most obvious and they are the easiest to use. Summon Magma and Rage are, of course, absurdly powerful, but they are only available for purchase at level 15, which you won’t reach until you’ve completed a good chunk of the instanced levels offered by the game.

His strongest active abilities

Wulfgar's Aegis Fang Strike

Each character in Dark Alliance has four potential abilities that they unlock throughout the game. They start with two already equipped and two more to unlock upon purchase at level seven. Surprisingly, many of the level one abilities are kept for the whole experience, but here are those from Wulfgar in particular, ranked from best to worst:

  • Momentum Endurance: Kind of annoying as this is only a buff ability, but it gives a huge overall damage buff to Wulfgar and his allies with Powerful strikes and Frenzy, massively increasing party damage throughout a level.
  • Hammer throw: The ability that Wulfgar starts with, a fantastic ranged opener for elite fights, and the damage is just insane for something given to players right off the bat.
  • Shock wave : Large AoE damage ability that also knocks down monsters and inflicts In slow motion, giving you even more time to lay on top of them with normal attacks while they recover. This is a great move for multiplayer, which, given that the game is on Xbox Game Pass, is quite easy to find a party.
  • Primordial instinct: The other ability that Wulfgar begins with. It’s not bad at all, but it’s an ability that rewards players who get injured or is intended for a very specialized Glass Cannon build as it increases your damage based on your missing health.

Which set works best on Wulfgar?

Types of loot

While attribute point distribution is obviously important, at the end of the game your build is heavily determined by the set bonus you use, and Wulfgar, like all other characters, has eight sets of armor at his disposal. total that he can obtain throughout the game. But, of the eight, only about four are really “good,” so let’s take a look at them from best to worst:

  1. Build Chief Reghed: By far the best armor set build in Wulfgar, as the rest of his sets are sort of situational with their bonuses. In comparison, the generation of legendary counter that this set gives for three and five equipped rooms is very useful in keeping its Wrath of Tempus the most possible.
  2. Corsair Panache Build: This is the set you’ll want to specify if you have a teammate who can grant you Precision Where Powerful strikes. Basically, with this set, you will be solely responsible for killing all of the elite enemies, and you will basically be able to reduce their health every time you crit.
  3. Abyss captive This is by far the best build for those who just want to turn their brains off and swing at every enemy in sight. With this armor set equipped, you will experience fewer conditions and be immune to knockdown and stuns when you are below 30% of your health due to the unstoppable Chamois.
  4. Construction of the flag carrier: Basically another take on an Ultimate-centric version of Wulfgar, but this one triggers critical hits rather than just increasing the base generation amount. Having said that, if you manage to get Ultimate Fragments fall often, your Tempus Wrath will increase more often than it would with Chief Reged build since these fragments fill a good part of the bar at a time.

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