CTV Pik-A-Part raises over $2,000 for suicide awareness organization

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) – Did you know that selling your old car to a local salvage lot can help save a life? CTV Pik-A-Part created a fundraiser during Mental Health Awareness Month to do just that.

Michele Bedingfield is one of the founding board members of the Yellow Elephants organization. The non-profit started after Michele’s sister committed suicide, she says she is grateful for the help from CTV.

“We are very grateful for this fundraiser. CTV contacted us and asked if they could do it. I think it was a conversation that took place and they just said hello next May which is Mental Health Awareness Month, we would like to do this fundraiser,” Bedingfield said.

Brandi Furney, left, and Summer Hodnett, right, with CTV helped organize the fundraiser.(Source: WALB)

CTV Pik-a-Part’s Summer Hodnett was more than happy to create this fundraiser because the cause was close to home.

“I have a friend, her name is Josie, and she actually tried to wake up. And she was contacted by the yellow elephant and they actually helped her. They post her story quite often and she is now a bridesmaid at my upcoming wedding,” Hodnett said.

Hodnett said her CEO gave her an overwhelming yes when she asked him to start this fundraiser.

“So I asked Ryan, who is our general manager, and he said absolutely. He’s all about giving back to our community,” Hodnett said.

According to Bedingfield, South Georgia has had a high rate of suicide attempts over the past decade. She said the yellow elephant exists to let people know they are not alone.

“Mental health is just, it affects so many different people. And the suicide and the realization, that you’re not alone and there are resources out there,” Bedingfield said.

Donations for the Yellow Elephant were collected during the month of May and CTV raised a total of $2,025. However, Hodnett said that fundraiser will now take place annually.

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