Croatian National Association of Caterers welcomes government measures

September 10, 2022 – The Croatian National Association of Caterers has welcomed the package of economic measures that the government has introduced to combat inflation and spiraling energy bills.

As Morsky Writing on Thursday, the Croatian National Association of Caterers welcomed the set of measures introduced by the Croatian government following drastic increases in the energy bill which, in recent months, have posed a huge danger to the survival of already exhausted by the disastrous effects of the global coronavirus pandemic.

This is especially true for those operating in the restaurant, hotel and tourism sector, which are mostly micro, small and medium enterprises and enterprises, notes the press release of the aforementioned association.

Among the government’s package of measures, the Croatian National Association of Caterers singled out the electricity cost cap measure and the measure that aims to increase the amount of tax-free payments to employees, which, as they pointed out, will allow the continuation of work on the catering and reception establishments this winter, as well as contributing to the preservation of jobs.

They assessed that by limiting the cost of electricity for the half-yearly consumption of businesses up to 250,000 kWh to 0.53 kuna/kWh, which ensures a price 12 times cheaper than the stock market price, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development highlighted “an unprecedented level of understanding and support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that are going through the most difficult times when doing business, and which at the same time constitute the ‘backbone of the national economy.’

The Croatian National Association of Caterers has also said it hopes for successful negotiations and equal treatment regarding the limitation of the price of gas, which, together with electricity, is an essential source of energy in the industry. hotel business, especially in the region of mainland Croatia in the winter period of the year.

Given the scale and long-term nature of this ongoing and ongoing crisis and the limited resources, they also call for the implementation of cost-saving measures and the rationalization of energy consumption in the professional and private spheres, as reported HRT.

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