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By Express press service

KOCHI: The LDF and UDF were eagerly waiting for Twenty20’s People’s Welfare Alliance (PWA) and AAP to announce their decision on who to support in the Thirkkakara indirect vote. The Twenty20 candidate had garnered 13,800 votes in the constituency in the 2021 parliamentary election. However, with the PWA announcing that it would not support any political front, Congress and CPM leaders began to assert that their votes would come in their favour.

Twenty20, which opposed both parties in the last assembly elections and launched PWA with AAP this time, claims 10% of the vote in the constituency. The three fronts – UDF, LDF and NDA – have embarked on a campaign to woo those voters, which could be crucial in determining victory in the constituency. Obviously, when Twenty20 declares that they will not support anyone, it is also a relief for the fronts.

Opposition leader VD Satheesan said the PWA decision would favor UDF candidate Uma Thomas. “Had they contested, the anti-government votes would have been split. Those who voted for them in the last elections will vote for us this time,” he said.

Satheesan ruled out claims that the UDF held talks with Twenty20 leaders to gain their support. “We have had no such discussions. How can Twenty20 supporters vote for the CPM who allegedly murdered one of their workers a few months ago? The CPM tried to shut down the company Kitex. Our position is that ‘no business should be shut down in the state,’ he added.[portersvoteforCPMwhichallegedlymurderedoneoftheirworkersafewmonthsago?TheCPMtriedtoshutdowntheKitexcompanyOurstandisthatnocompanyshouldbeshutdowninthestate”headded

BJP confident of support
LDF organizer EP Jayarajan claimed Twenty20 supporters would vote for the front candidate. “There is no situation in Thrikkakara for anti-government votes and all votes are in favor of the leftist government,” he said. Responding to the ruling, DFL candidate Dr Jo Joseph said the Twenty20 position would come in favor of the left. “A majority of Twenty20-AAP votes will come in favor of BJP this time. How can supporters of these two formations vote for LDF or UDF? Both fronts are trying to shut down Kitex group institutions,” said BJP candidate AN Radhakrishnan.

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