Connecticut organization helps those in Ukraine

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WFSB) – Local community organizations continue to find ways to help Ukrainians.

Tonight dozens of people filled the Belvedere Restaurant in New Britan with one goal in mind, to show unity and send support to loved ones in Ukraine.

Maiden United chairman Sofia Dumansky said: “I think at this particular time sitting around and doing nothing doesn’t feel right, we want to do things and when we do that in action I have feels like it’s the only way to stay sane. .”

The Belvedere restaurant held a fundraiser for Ukraine on Friday with residents and organizations like Maiden United, who say they raised more than $70,000 in just one week.

The nonprofits they partner with other groups in the United States find planes to send supplies.

“We pack and put it all together and the plane leaves,” Dumansky said. “A lot of them go to Poland, but we still have to use other countries as well, and a lot of volunteers drive it to the border.”

Throughout the evening, many spoke of their families and friends fleeing Ukraine, with some becoming emotional.

Kateryna Pushkar, a local nurse who has family in Ukraine, says she hasn’t slept in days, but feeling the unconditional support here in this room gives her hope. “I have a huge hope that we can make changes and that we can do something… We can help. We can save lives there and we can support our guys as they fight for us and my family.

And to show continued support for Ukraine.

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