Columbia Health Organizations Provide Information on Pfizer Boosters | COVID-19 vaccine information

The recent approval by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Pfizer booster injections for Americans 65 years and older and “Otherwise vulnerable” Americans have left some puzzled as to who is and who is not eligible to receive the booster. In Colombia, this has led local health organizations to collect their own information.

The Missouri Department of Health and Seniors’ Services authorized recalls for eligible people in a press release Monday night.

The department was awaiting “clarifications from the CDC regarding eligible groups,” Lisa Cox, media contact for Missouri Health and Senior Services, said by email Monday afternoon.

The CDC has recommended anyone over the age of 65 get the vaccine, as well as anyone between the ages of 50 and 64 with “underlying conditions.” The CDC also said anyone between the ages of 18 and 49 with underlying conditions “could benefit.”

Among those eligible are also those at “high risk of occupational exposure”. Laura Morris, MU Health Care‘s vaccine committee co-chair, said it can encompass a wide range of people. Among those specifically named are teachers, educators and nurses.

Even if the state had not authorized the vaccine booster, health organizations with a medical director may have acted independently of the state to administer the booster.

“We are operational and able to give these booster doses right now,” Morris said Monday. “… The word booster is used a lot, which implies that people’s immunity needs to be boosted. In reality, what we are seeing is an adjustment in the timing and regimen. “

It is not yet clear if Boosters will become a recurring event. Morris said that an observation “of at least four months and maybe even until next year” will be needed to see how the virus and people’s immune systems respond.

MU Health Care is ready to deploy thousands of boosters, Morris said.

The boosters should be given at least six months after the end of the primary dose. While the vaccine remains over 90% effective in preventing serious infections, its effectiveness in preventing infections in general drops from around 95% to around 76% after six months, Morris said.

MU Health Care also anticipates that a booster for people who have received the Moderna vaccine will likely be authorized soon.

Columbia / Boone County Health and Human Services also operates independently of the state.

“Our orders have changed even though those of the state haven’t,” Sara Humm, public information specialist for the department, said Monday.

The county has “recently moved away” from COVID-19 vaccination clinics to start its flu vaccination clinics, Humm said, although the county encourages anyone considering receiving the booster to “have this conversation with their primary health care provider now ”.

Both MU Health Care and Columbia / Boone County Public Health and Human Services stressed that the most needed measure is primary vaccination.

“We need people to help us take this next step,” Humm said.

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