Children’s Healing Center shines a light on mental health and medical trauma

As the community comes together to mark World Mental Health Day on Sunday, October 10, 201, the Children’s Healing Center, 1530 Fulton Street East, Grand Rapids, shines a light on the vital role mental health plays in family recovery struggling medical trauma.

Families who visit the CSC have complex medical issues that can cut them off from the world. The Center provides a fun and clean environment to play and make friends, which they normally wouldn’t be able to do.

Social determinants of health, such as access to a safe environment, healthy food, and human relationships, among others, are believed to account for 70-80% of health care outcomes. Isolation and loneliness have particularly damaging effects – as shown last year – creating another level of trauma in the medical journey.

Over the past year, team members and volunteers at the Children’s Healing Center have been trained in trauma-informed care, enabling them to understand and respond more deeply to the needs of families.

Supporters of the Children’s Healing Center are encouraged to wear green on October 10 and post photos of themselves participating in an activity to improve their own mental health.

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