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LUBBOCK, Texas — Child Abuse Prevention Month is nearly over, but Go Blue Lubbock campaign organizations aren’t slowing down, a group said Tuesday.

“Lubbock is generally very high in child abuse and neglect,” said Derek Danner, executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Center.

In fact, Lubbock County, along with Lamb, Hale, Swisher, Hall, and Crosby counties, are among the highest risk counties for child abuse in the entire state.

“We can say we’re better at reporting and investigating more,” Danner began. “But even if that’s the case, that doesn’t eliminate the problem we have.”

Under Texas civil and criminal law, all Texans are required to report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect.

“Not just professional journalists,” he explained. “We must take this duty, not lightly. We have to make sure we are looking.

The Children’s Advocacy Center said it is making sure people know about this issue through the Go Blue Lubbock campaign.

“The goal would be for someone to say ‘what’s Go Blue Lubbock,’ and then you can talk to them about the issue of abuse and neglect,” Danner said. “That’s why I either wear the blue ribbon or [bracelet].”

Danner said he can’t change what happened to victimized children in the community, but he can try to prevent future abuse and help those children heal.

“They’re getting a life sentence with the traumatic event that happened to them, and so we have to try to eliminate all of that. We have to take care of our kids,” Danner explained.

Resources for parents in Lubbock:

How to report child abuse to Lubbock:

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