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The days of humans are like ocean waves, they come with ups and downs, a series of ups and downs. The human experience of emotions includes a wide continuum of feelings, physiological arousal, and cognitive assessment.

Living and expressing emotions are an integral part of life. Some people are adept at navigating this complicated world of human emotions, and for some, the emotions remain mysterious, confusing, and difficult to express constructively. “Our emotions are the manifestations of our thoughts and actions. How we feel is often determined by things that are happening in and around us. Different people have different triggers – they could be people, places, or things, as well as smells, words, or colors. Hosting the right emotions is therefore essential to maintain harmony in your mental and physical environment, ”says Arouba Kabir, mental health advisor, wellness coach and founder of Enso Wellness.

Emotional health is a person’s ability to accept and deal with their feelings through challenge and change. “Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act. It is one of his types of mind / body connection. When you are stressed, anxious or upset, your body reacts in a way that could tell you that something is wrong, ”explains Dr Ruhi Satija, consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Keep in mind that having good emotional health does not mean that you are always happy or free from negative emotions. It’s about having the skills and resources to handle the ups and downs of everyday life. There is potential emotional distress around every corner. “Stressful situations can release a surge of hormones in your body. Everything is controlled by a tiny part of your brain, the hypothalamus, which responds to a stressor by sending signals that trigger the production of stress hormones. But when chronic stress exposes the body to a relentless flow of cortisol, as happens when stress is constant, cells become desensitized to the hormone, and long-term chronic inflammation damages blood vessels and brain cells. and many other diseases ”, explains Aishwarya Jain, founder, IM Happiness, a well-being NGO.

Stress is an integral part of life, says Sreeja De Behll, Senior Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Apollo spectra Nehru Enclave, Delhi. She adds, “Stress wreaks havoc on your body and can elevate levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and set the stage for unwanted illnesses such as stroke, heart attack and depression, and damages the immune system. Negative emotions can give your heart a hard time and double your risk for heart disease. “

Emotional health is more of a process than a goal. It’s not about always being in a good mood. It’s about equipping yourself to deal with good, evil, and everything in between.

Embrace the emotions“Dealing with these negative emotions means accepting and even embracing our negative states, while engaging in activities that can authentically counterbalance these uncomfortable emotions,” explains Annantika Vig, counselor and life coaching expert.

Emotional regulation“Never hold back your feelings and talk openly with family or friends. Go for journaling to relieve stress and write down the things that make you happy, ”says Behll.

Choose fitnessPhysical activity can support both emotional and physical health. “Maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, adequate sleep and a healthy balanced diet,” says Dr Santosh Bangar, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai.

Engage in conscious practicesMeditation is a focused form of guided thinking. Yoga and tai chi, while being movement-oriented, are also proven stress relievers. “Meditation is the key to controlling emotions,” says Richa Agnihotri – Wellness, Emotional Well-being and Energy Healing Consultant at Fazlani Natures Nest.

Keep hopePositive emotions can be cultivated like flowers, it’s up to us to identify our own mind and reactions to use it for our well-being, ”says Dr Jyoti Kapoor, senior psychiatrist and founder of Manasthali. Stay confident that your future is filled with promises of good things to come.

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