Avelo Airlines Partners with Alliance Aviation to Support Pilot Recruitment Campaign

One of the most crucial learning points the aviation industry has taken this year is the importance of having an adequate operational workforce. While Avelo Airlines has not experienced any pilot shortages or retention issues, the ultra-low-cost carrier is still working to bolster its supply of industry talent, including partnering with Alliance Aviation to flight training.

Partnership with a flight school

Based in Fort Lauderdale and founded in 2010, Alliance Aviation is considered a premier flight training academy for airlines and commercial pilots in the United States, with instructors who have over 20 years of experience in flight training. aviation training. Alliance Aviation also has international training centers in Colombia and Mexico. This makes the flight academy unique, as the mix of national and global sourcing of high-level pilots provides an additional flow of highly qualified international candidates for Avelo Airlines.


Alliance Aviation also organizes various training programs for pilots and maintenance technicians of the Airbus A320, Boeing 737, 767, Embraer 190 and 145 up to the ATR 500 in its state-of-the-art flight simulation centers. The accelerated training and placement program is deliberately designed for motivated and dedicated pilots who want a career in aviation full of fulfillment and adventure. That’s why several airlines around the world have trusted Alliance Aviation, including Avianca, DHL, Spirit Airlines and Viva Aerobus, to name a few.

Federico Flores Navarro, CEO of Alliance Aviation, said:

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership. Avelo Airlines is a great brand to join the Alliance Pilot Pipeline program. Through this partnership, Alliance Aviation will introduce new job opportunities to our graduates in the markets we serve and help Avelo Airlines to meet its aggressive growth plans.”

Avelo Airlines currently operates six Boeing 737-700s and four 737-800s. Photo: Avelo Airlines

Strengthen the numbers

Although Avelo Airlines has not been affected by the problems plaguing several major carriers around the world, the problem of pilot shortages in the United States persists and could eventually seep into the ultra-low-cost carrier. Such a problem could have a particular impact once Avelo Airlines begins to expand its relatively small fleet and route network. Nonetheless, Avelo Airlines strives to remain attractive to new hires by offering competitive compensation, a unique set of travel benefits, and a fast track to the left seat.

The flight academy additionally offers a preferred first officer referral network pipeline through its Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and Embraer overseas conversion program. Through its referral network, Alliance Aviation will help bolster Avelo Airlines’ numbers by recommending highly qualified foreign applicants for visa or work sponsorship, employment, and reciprocal or advanced licensing in the United States. United.

Captain Scott Hall, Chief Flight Operations Officer for Avelo Airlines, said:

“While we haven’t experienced the pilot recruitment and retention challenges that other airlines face, leveraging Alliance Aviation will expand our pool of high-level pilots to draw from in the future. Alliance Aviation will be an exceptional addition to our existing portfolio of pilot recruitment partners It’s a great time to be a pilot, and Avelo Airlines is a great opportunity for pilots at any professional stage to advance their careers to new heights.

Avelo plans to hire up to 160 pilots over the next year. Photo: Avelo Airlines

The reinforcement line

The addition of Alliance Aviation to Avelo Airlines’ existing portfolio of pilot recruitment partners will further complement the airline’s aggressive growth plans. Those growth plans also include a goal to hire more than 150 pilots over the next year, and applications for planned first officer positions are expected to begin in October. And aside from hiring manpower, Avelo Airlines plans to open its new Advanced Flight Training Center in Orlando, where it just opened its third base. With this new partnership and the center scheduled to open in early 2023, Avelo is putting measures in place to ensure it can staff this ambitious expansion.

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