Are you looking for baby formula? CNY organization will deliver to your door

Syracuse, NY – Everyone working in Summer Merrick’s office had errands to run on Friday morning – and not the fun kind.

Eight staff members scoured store shelves from East Syracuse to Camillus looking for formula to buy for families who can’t find it or afford it as supplies become increasingly scarce.

Merrick is the director of Help Me Grow Onondaga, a non-profit organization that works with families of young children. The organization launched an infant formula bank at the start of the pandemic, in collaboration with the CNY Diaper Bank. There was a trickle of people who needed it, but nothing like the past few weeks. Merrick said she receives several calls daily from parents who are out of stock and can’t find what they need.

“They say, ‘I don’t know how I would feed my baby; what would I have done,” Merrick said. She expects it to get worse this week.

Both the state and federal government have said they are working on ways to help families affected by the shortage. This was caused by a recall and plant closure. Both are committed to improving the offer. Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office texted families on Friday with information about connecting with WIC offices, which can also offer help getting formula.

Merrick has started posting her organization’s phone number in parents’ Facebook groups, letting moms know they can get formula for free.

Any parent who needs formula milk can get it for free at their office. There is no income requirement. If people have no way of getting the formula, his agency can provide it in some cases. Her agency also helps eligible people register with WIC, which will pay for the formula.

Merrick said Help Me Grow will accept donations for the formula from anyone who has an unopened formula that hasn’t expired. Staff will ensure the formula is not affected by the ongoing recall, she said. Donations can be dropped off at CNY Diaper Bank in the large purple bin in that organization’s parking lot at 4645 Crossroads Park Dr, Liverpool, NY. If the people who live in town have a formula they want to give out, they can let Merrick’s office know and leave it on the doorstep and someone will come get it.

How to get or give the formula:

Call Help Me Grow Onondaga at 315-218-1938 or via 211 and ask for the agency or tell them you need formula.

Marnie Eisenstadt writes about people, public affairs, and the Syracuse City School District. Contact her anytime E-mail | Twitter| cell 315-470-2246.

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