Appeal of verdict in favor of University Park Alliance filed

A local businessman who lost a lawsuit against the former University Park Alliance filed an appeal, continuing the eight-year legal battle.

After:Jury rules in favor of former University Park Alliance group in 8-year-old lawsuit

Roger Carter sued the University Park Alliance, its individual board of directors, and the University Park Village project in 2013.

University Park Alliance was an Akron neighborhood redevelopment group whose operations came to a standstill amid leadership unrest and controversy in 2013. Many community and local business leaders were involved in the initiative.

In the lawsuit, Carter alleged that a failed business deal involving two plots of land near Akron University was a breach of contract and fiduciary obligations, among other things.

On May 25, a jury in the Summit County Common Plea Court ruled in favor of the defendant, University Park Alliance. Over the years, individuals and University Park Village have been unsuccessful in the lawsuit.

Carter filed an appeal on June 25 with the Ninth District Court of Appeals.

Carter, through his attorneys, also requested a new trial in the Summit County Common Plea Court.

In court documents, the jury said there had been damage to Carter and the plaintiff proved the breach of contract. But the jury also said the evidence showed Carter “prevented, hindered or impeded the performance by the UPA of its obligations under the operating agreement.” Six of the eight jurors agreed, leading the jury to rule in favor of the UPA and against Carter’s claim for breach of contract.

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