An alliance to fight global misinformation

Online misinformation is a global threat – and it’s growing. Fact checkers around the world play an important role in combating incorrect information published online by interest groups, authorities and governments. US-based non-profit Poynter Institute and Google News Initiative have announced a year-long partnership to support the growing fact-checking community.

The partnership will serve more than 2,000 fact-checkers from 60 countries, including those from more than 130 fact-checking organizations that join the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) in Poynter which has adopted a code of principles promoting standards high and impartiality.

Over the next 12 months, the IFCN will host six fact-checking workshops to promote higher standards of transparency and accountability in journalism through its code of principles and best practices within the fact-checking community. facts.

“It’s more important than ever for people to access accurate information and sort fact from fiction in their daily lives,” said Matt Cooke, head of Google News Lab.

“We are committed to supporting fact checkers around the world with our resources and this partnership will be instrumental in these efforts,” said Baybars Örsek, Director of IFCN and International Programming at Poynter.

New fact-checking organizations will also be paired with mentors and experts like Poynter’s faculty to develop skills in fact-checking, media ethics, leadership, media literacy and business sustainability.

“Our goal is to work with these new and existing fact-checking organizations to encourage regional collaboration, capacity building, scalability and sustainability of fact-checking in this ever-growing environment of misinformation and disinformation” , Orsek said.

Fact checkers will continue to have free access to a bank of software tools with social monitoring, verification and visualization technology.

International Fact-Checking Day and the Global Fact Summit are scheduled for June 22-25 in Oslo, Norway.

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