All Of Ashley Abbott’s Husbands On The Young And The Restless

After her divorce from Cole Howard, Ashley Abbott went on a cruise to heal her wounds. She came back pregnant, although no one knows she stole Victor Newman’s sperm and inseminated herself (via Soap Central). Brad Carlton (Don Diamont), who Ashley had a relationship with in the past, has started pursuing her again. He proposed and offered to raise her baby as his own. On their wedding day, Ashley went into labor; she and Brad ended up getting married in his hospital room after Abby was born.

In 2002, Ashley was diagnosed with breast cancer. As Brad stood by her side, Olivia and Drucilla Winters discovered the truth about Abby’s paternity and convinced Ashley to tell her husband that Victor Newman was the father. Brad was furious and ended up sleeping with Olivia. However, Ashley later found out she was pregnant with Cole’s baby and the two decided to reconcile.

Months later, there was a huge business-related shake-up between Jabot Cosmetics and Newman Enterprises. Ashley took off to confront Victor who she believes was behind the coup, but was involved in a serious car accident. She was rushed to hospital; sadly, her baby Robert did not survive (via Soaps in Depth). The grief of losing another child and the news that she would no longer be able to conceive caused another depression for Ashley.

She then told Victor that Abby was her daughter and he tried to strike up a relationship with the little girl. Not in her right mind, Ashley filed for divorce from Brad and declared her love for Victor, who was already happily married.

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