1Hood Media Receives Major Grant from Michael Jordan’s Organization | News | Pittsburgh

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Photo: Emmai Alaquiva from YaMomz

The 1Hood Media team

1Hood Media has done a serious job over the years to provide important news, discussion and activism to black communities in Pittsburgh. The organization has grown in size and stature, and some big names are starting to take notice, including basketball legend Michael Jordan.

On September 28, 1Hood announced that it was one of 18 organizations that received an inaugural grant from Jordan and Jordan Brand as part of their new Black Community Engagement Grants Program, an annual fund a million dollars which contributes to communities across the United States to help fight racism.

“Each of these groups have shown courage to make a difference locally, and I could not be more proud to support the work they do,” Jordan said in a press release.

Jordan Brand has received hundreds of grant applications, and Craig Williams, president of Jordan Brand, said the organization is thrilled to exceed them all.

The 10-year, $ 100 million black community engagement identified three main focus areas that are critical to improving outcomes for black Americans: social justice, education and awareness, and economic justice.

1Hood Media, which Pittsburgh City Paper named People of the Year 2020: Activism, has been a huge force over the past year in the areas of social justice, education, voting rights, and the frontline efforts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 1Hood has made a massive Get Out The Vote effort for the 2020 Election Cycle, using live social media forums and events near satellite polling stations in Allegheny County, and broadcasting forums weekly online, to help address Black Pittsburghers’ concerns about the pandemic, with health experts, academics and activists helping to solve problems and provide answers.

Jasiri X, Founder and CEO of 1Hood Media, says he’s proud to receive a grant and recognition from Jordan, and hopes it can help the organization strive for a better and fairer experience for the Black Pittsburghers.

“We at 1Hood Media Academy are honored to have been chosen as the recipient of the 2021 Community Grant by Michael Jordan and his iconic brand Jordan,” Jasiri X said in a press release. “As we continue to work alongside our people in the fight for a fair and livable Pittsburgh and in the fight for justice around the world, this funding will help us tell stories that are too often overlooked and continue to keep our community informed. and safe in these unprecedented times.

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